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Today's modern hearing aids have taken hearing capabilities to the next level, but there are still some situations where your hearing could use a little extra boost. There are many hearing accessories available to supplement your hearing aids and enhance your overall hearing experience. Whether in a busy restaurant, on the phone, or watching TV, there's an accessory to provide a solution to your hearing and lifestyle needs.

Hearing accessories can help you:

  • Follow conversations in noisy environments

  • Stay connected in group conversations

  • Enhance your entertainment experience

Featured hearing accessories

Learn more about the different types of hearing accessories available from Phonak, Unitron and more.

Roger On
Boost your hearing aid’s performance with this intelligent microphone designed for challenging listening environments.
Roger Select
Boost your hearing aid's performance and stay connected to your everyday conversations with Roger Select.
Phonak ActiveVent™ Receiver New
The world’s first intelligent hearing aid receiver, ActiveVent™ automatically adjusts so that you get the most from your hearing aid.
Phonak ComPilot II
Multipurpose streamer that lets you stream top quality sound directly to your hearing aids.
Phonak PartnerMic
Discreet and easy-to-use remote microphone made to enhance your one-to-one conversations.
AudioNova TV Connector
Enjoy high-quality stereo sound directly through your AudioNova hearing aids
AudioNova PartnerMic
Enjoy one-on-one conversations in noisy environments with this discreet microphone.
AudioNova Remote Control
Easily change programs, control volume and adjust settings of your AudioNova DX hearing aids.
Unitron TV Connector
Enjoy high-quality stereo sound directly through your Moxi All hearing aids.
Unitron uStream
Stream stereo-quality sound from your wireless devices to your hearing aids with this discreet streamer
Unitron Remote Plus App
For Moxi All hearing aid users. Change programs, control volume and adjust the balance of your hearing aids all from your smartphone.