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Phonak PartnerMic

This discreet and easy-to-use remote microphone enhances your one-to-one conversations

  • Enhanced understanding of conversation in noise cluttered situations
  • Through Phonak AirStream technology, speech is streamed directly from the PartnerMic to your Marvel hearing aids with no need for an additional device
  • Easily attach device anywhere on your partner’s shirt or jacket
  • Compatible with: Phonak hearing aids
Phonak PartnerMic is a discreet and user-friendly wireless microphone ideal for one-on-one conversations in noisy environments. It easily attaches to your partner's shirt or jacket, without having to worry about the positioning. 

Is Phonak PartnerMic for you?

To learn more about how Phonak PartnerMic could help you and your hearing experience, contact your local clinic or book an appointment with one of our experienced hearing care professionals today.
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