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AudioNova TV Connector

Automatically connect your hearing aids to your TV program and enjoy high-quality stereo sound directly through your hearing device

  • Connects TV directly to hearing aids without the need of a streamer
  • Streams stereo quality sound wirelessly to your hearing aids
  • Set your own volume when watching TV with others
  • Works with laptops, tablets, and stereo as well
  • Compatible with: AudioNova hearing aids
Easily watch your favourite shows and movies in high-quality stereo sound by wirelessly connecting your hearing aids to your TV, laptop, tablet, stereo and other media devices. This means the volume is comfortable for you, and everyone else watching too.

Is AudioNova TV Connector for you?

To learn more about how AudioNova TV Connector could help you and your hearing experience, contact your local clinic or book an appointment with one of our experienced hearing care professionals today.
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