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Physicians Resource Centre

Welcome to the Connect Hearing's Physician Resource Centre!

Here you'll find the latest brochures and handouts with information about our company, the types of services we provide including hearing health, hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus treatments, as well as our local clinic finder. 

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Physician Referral Pad. Download now. Physician Referral Pad

Physician Referral Form (Alberta clinics)

Learn the signs of hearing loss and when you should consider a referral for your client. Click to download. Referral Synergies
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Brochures & Information Sheets

Connect Hearing has been consulting patients on hearing healthcare since 1978.

Introduction letter to physicians from our hearing care professionals team. Click to download. Physicians Introduction Letter

Debunk common hearing misconceptions

Learn the signs of hearing loss and when you should consider a referral for your client. Click to download. Myth Busters: Hearing and Hearing Loss

We offer treatment and solutions to those affected by tinnitus.

Connect Hearing Tinnitus solutions brochure. Click to download. Managing Tinnitus Brochure

The effects of hearing loss on cognitive ability and quality of life

Understanding hearing loss and cognition. Click to download. Hearing loss & cognition

Guidance on an under-explored area of hearing loss

How to treat severe to profound hearing loss. Click to download. Severe to profound hearing loss

Modern hearing aids have advanced capabilities.

How to select the right type of hearing aid. Click to download. Selecting the right type of hearing aid

Accessories boost hearing aids performance in challenging listening environments.

Connect Hearing Tinnitus solutions brochure. Click to download. Hearing aid accessories

Why we need to pay attention to our daily noise exposure

Hearing protection information sheet. Click to download. Hearing Protection

Remote fittings and tele-consultations are also available.

Telehealth services brochure. Download now. Telehealth Services

Connecting your hearing aids to your other tech devices. Click to download. Hearing Aids and Connectivity

How hearing well can impact your social-emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. Click to download. Well-Hearing is Well-Being

Diabetes infosheet. Download now. Diabetes - a risk factor for hearing loss

Phonak Roger - boosting hearing performance Phonak Roger - boosting hearing performance

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Hearing Health Educational Videos

Watch Connect Hearing's Education series to learn more on the topic of hearing loss and the various impacts it can have on individuals if left untreated. Family physicians are often the first point of contact for people seeking advice or referral about their hearing. When you refer your patients to Connect Hearing Canada, they will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of hearing care professionals providing patient-centered care using evidence-based best practices. Watch the videos below to learn more!

Hearing Loss and Patient Care Support Program: Introduction

Module 1: Impacts of Untreated Hearing Loss

Module 2: Tinnitus & Hyperacusis

Learning Module 3: Patient Innovation

Virtual physician symposium Hearing Aid Tech: User benefit, current options & future possibilities

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