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Online hearing test
Find out how good your hearing is in just three minutes. The online hearing test provides valuable information about your hearing.
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Wearing hearing aids
A modern, appropriately adapted hearing aid can give you back your quality of life. But your restored hearing may prove tiring at first. Don’t be discouraged! It will take time to get used to your hearing aid. Please don’t hesitate to ask your audiologist for help if you find you are struggling. Find out here everything you need to know about getting used to your hearing aid and how to look after it.
What can I expect from a hearing aid?
Better hearing at last: Buying a hearing aid is an important decision. After all, it can significantly improve your quality of life. Give yourself plenty of time and seek expert advice on the differences between the various models. Where does your journey out of hearing difficulties begin? What should you bear in mind when seeking advice? The most important tips and information can be found below.
Community Involvement
At Connect Hearing, we believe contributing to charity is the right thing to do. From December to Movember, we flex our giving muscles with donations to Hear the World, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Children’s Hospital, Dress for the Cause, BC Lions Hearing Society, international disaster response and more.
Popular brands
Our portfolio features the best and latest hearing aid models from leading manufacturers to help you enjoy a full range of sounds once again.
Cost of hearing aids
The cost of hearing aids varies depending on the type of hearing aids and features needed for the listening environments that are important to you. Connect Hearing offers a range of quality hearing aids within five price points, providing budget and lifestyle options.
Hearing aid familiarization
Ringing phones, street noises, birdsong: A good hearing aid will bring the world of sounds back to life. If you’ve gotten used to living with hearing difficulties, so many sensory impressions can be overwhelming at first. Don’t be put off. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust to your new hearing aid. This includes getting used to the physical sensation of having the device in your ear, apart from the actual sensation of hearing. One thing is certain: After a period of adjustment, you’ll never want to be without your hearing aid again!
Stay connected to a career that will take you all the places you want to go. What makes us different? For starters, we are Canada’s strongest hearing aid retailer, with a large network of registered Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Practitioners. We have over a hundred and thirty locations from coast to coast and a variety of positions and Connect Hearing is one of the strongest brands in the Sonova Group, the leading manufacturer of innovative hearing care solutions. We take pride in our staff and work one on one with you to ensure your success and happiness with the company. Come see why we have been voted as one of Canada’s only Top Employers in the hearing health care field!
Common questions about hearing loss and hearing aids
Are you always having to ask people to repeat themselves? Is your TV too loud for other people? Do you sometimes miss the doorbell or phone? If you think you might be affected by hearing loss, don't wait any longer: The sooner your hearing impairment is investigated by an audiologist, the greater your quality of life will be in the future. Find out the best way to proceed and get your most common questions answered.
Which hearing aid should I choose?
Just as every individual is different, no two types of hearing loss are the same. This is why there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to hearing aids. Fortunately, with the assistance of an audiologist, you will be able to find a hearing aid that perfectly fits your needs and your particular type of hearing loss. Below, we explain the journey toward purchasing a hearing aid, and what you should bear in mind.
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