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Our relationship with students begins well before graduation! Whether to meet your practicum hours for school, or to shadow a Hearing Care Professional, we will do our best to find the right opening for you.

Student positions & practicums

You are the future in the field of Audiology, and in order to help you graduate and make the most of this exciting learning experience, we will happily accommodate a variety of different shadows, placements and practicums. Our extensive network of clinics coast to coast allows us to provide you ample opportunities for placements across the country. We have placed Audiology and Hearing Instrument Practitioner students from UBC, UWO, Ottawa, Dalhousie, Grant McEwan, George Brown, Douglas College and Conestoga. Our goal is to help you take the theory learned in the classroom and put it into practice in a real-life clinic setting.

We make a habit of employing successful practicum students all over the country, but regardless of where you start your career, we value our connection with you and enjoy building positive relationships in the hearing healthcare community.

To apply to for a student opportunity, please click the following link:

Student Mentorships: Growth Opportunities for Both Students and HCPs

Read our interview with Margret Orme who has been mentoring student hearing care professionals for over 20 years.

Student Q & A Interviews

Hear from past mentorship students on their Connect Hearing experience in our Student Q & A interviews!