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Online hearing test
Find out how good your hearing is in just three minutes. The online hearing test provides valuable information about your hearing.
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At Connect Hearing, we believe contributing to charity is the right thing to do. From December to Movember, we flex our giving muscles with donations to Hear the World, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Children’s Hospital, Dress for the Cause, BC Lions Hearing Society, international disaster response and more.

Margaret Hallam Legacy Scholarship

Click here to download your letter of recommendation template (a letter of recommendation is required as part of your scholarship application).

Margaret Hallam Legacy Scholarship application (Hearing Instrument Practitioners)

Margaret Hallam Legacy Scholarship application (Audiologists)

How should I dispose of the batteries?

Standard hearing aid batteries are not rechargeable. Please do not throw your used button cells in the garbage. Help us reduce the number of hearing aid batteries that end up in landfills by participating in our free battery recycling program!

We know you go through a lot of hearing aid batteries in a year and to remedy this, we partnered up with a leader in environmental conservation, to recycle your hearing aid batteries in accordance to the Canadian transportation and environmental regulations.  Participating in this free service couldn’t be easier!
If you are a Connect Hearing customer, you can pick up a free Little Green Box at your nearest participating clinic.
  1. Assemble your Little Green Box.
  2. Fill it with used hearing aid batteries, and then return it to your Connect Hearing clinic for safe transport and recycling. They will supply you with a new, empty box.
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