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Student Mentorship is a big part of what we do, and we encourage students to learn and grow from our team. Are you a current student thinking about doing a mentorship? Get an insider’s perspective of what the mentorship program experience is like from our former students. Check out their Q & A interviews below.

Interview with Connect Hearing Surrey's Globie Cortez

Why did you complete your mentorship with Connect Hearing?

Globie: Both of my practicum placements were done at Connect Hearing where I was paired with a great HCP. I had a really good experience at Connect Hearing when I did my practicum so after I graduated, I applied to Connect Hearing as an intern to complete my clinic hours requirement.

What clinic did you complete your mentorship program at?

Globie: I had the opportunity to finish my internship at both the Nelson clinic and Kelowna clinic in the interior of BC.

Why did you choose this location to complete your student hours?

Globie: When I graduated from Douglas College in Vancouver and I knew there were positions available in the interior of BC so I decided to take the leap! When I reached out to Connect Hearing about the opportunities, they generously flew me to the clinic I was interested in before I made my decision to accept the position. Nelson was a very unique town and I’m grateful for the experience.

How was your experience?

Globie: I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to work with multiple different HCPs during my internship that have helped me grow professionally and personally. As a new HCP, I felt supported by my team and knew that if I needed any help, my colleagues were just an email away. Because the Connect Hearing HR team knew my family lives in Vancouver, they continuously looked for opportunities for me at one of their mainland clinics and now after 1.5 years, I am back in the mainland working.

What advice would you give a fellow student when deciding where to complete their mentorship hours?

Globie: My advice would be to keep an open mind. I wanted to work in the Vancouver area when I first graduated but I realized that was restricting my options. There’s always a learning curve when you are a new HCP so don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Interview with World of Hearing North Vancouver's Zahra Tokhmeh Forosh

What intrigued you to apply with Connect Hearing?

Connect Hearing is a place where my interests and desires align very well. I have a passion and genuine desire to help people with their hearing as it relates to their quality of life and make a positive impact on their well-being. Connect Hearing provides an opportunity for me to perform this. There are many resources for individuals who are new to the field, which can provide valuable learning opportunities and exposure to different types of patients and hearing conditions. They offer opportunities for professional development and career advancement, and there is potential for long-term career growth.

What Connect Hearing clinic did you complete a Mentorship program at?

I started my co-op mentorship program at the Parksville, BC clinic on Vancouver Island to become a graduate and completed my practicum hours at the Comox, BC clinic to become a registered member in the BC College.

Why did you choose this location to complete your student hours?

I was very open to working at any clinic. I didn’t mind the location and embraced any opening that Connect Hearing had at the time. I believe that working in a remote location would provide me with unique challenges and opportunities to step out of my comfort zone, become more self-reliant, and develop my skills and adaptability to grow both personally and professionally.

How was your experience?

It was a very positive experience. One of the biggest positives was the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge, get to know the team, get familiarized with the company’s policies, and gain troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques from my mentor. Observing my mentor and the clients closely during appointments was also helpful.

What advice would you give a fellow student when deciding on where to complete their mentorship hours?
I would say don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your research. The Connect Hearing team are all very supportive. I think it’s good to keep in mind that whichever clinic location they recommend is going to help you ultimately with your future career professional growth.