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Phonak Virto Paradise

The 3rd generation of the world’s first hearing aid made from titanium.

  • Unriveled sound quality*
  • Universal connectivity**
  • Distinctive design
  • Hands-free calling
Phonak Virto Paradise is a revolutionary hearing aid that does more than improve your sense of hearing – it restores your sense of wonder. Virto P delivers an unrivaled* sound quality1 experience, enabling you to enjoy more of life’s wonders.

Unleash the Wonder Within

The human ear is a powerful thing, and with Phonak Virto P, you can discover more of the ear’s amazing potential and unleash the wonder within you. Virto P is custom made for your ears only and comes with a host of powerful features to keep you connected and thriving.

Universal connectivity

Phonak Virto P-312 provides universal connectivity which allows you to seamlessly stream audio content from numerous Bluetooth® enabled devices.
  • Connects to smartphones, TV, Roger and more
  • Multiple Bluetooth® connections
  • Easily switch between two paired devices with enhanced Bluetooth capabilities

Hands-free calls

Virto P-312 allows you to enjoy hands-free calls. This means that your phone calls can be directly streamed from iOS, Android or other Bluetooth® enabled smartphones. Answer or reject calls with a simple push of the button, even if your phone is on the other side of the room.

* Compared to Phonak Audéo™ Marvel
** Only available for Virto P-312