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Take your best shot at better hearing!

Don't miss out on the sounds that you love. 

Don’t miss out on the sounds that you love.

It’s important to take care of your hearing, just ask Canadian hockey legend Darryl Sittler:

“When talking with friends and family, I noticed I wasn’t catching every word.”

That’s why Darryl Sittler decided he should visit Connect Hearing.

“The hearing test was easy, and it didn’t take long.” And now? “My wife doesn’t have to repeat things, and with my grandkids, I don’t miss a thing.”

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Hockey hero Darryl Sittler encourages Canadians to get their hearing checked.

Why choose Connect Hearing?

green-checkbox Latest, most discreet hearing technology on the market
green-checkbox Affordable monthly payment plans to suit any budget
green-checkbox Personalized Tinnitus consultations and support
green-checkbox Save up to $2,000 on a pair of Select level hearing aids with your CAA membership!‡
green-checkbox Over 145 convenient locations in Canada

Better hearing is a team sport, so bring your team with you when you visit one of our licensed Hearing Care Professionals. Taking care of your hearing health is easier with the support of a friend or family member.

Are you a CAA, AMA or BCAA member?

CAA, AMA and BCAA members receive exclusive discounts at any Connect Hearing
clinic across Canada!

CAA, AMA & BCAA members can take advantage of Connect Hearing’s complimentary
hearing test and free demo — we’re certain you’ll notice the difference better hearing
makes. Once you have decided on the hearing aids or listening devices that fit your
unique needs, you can begin receiving these exclusive benefits*:
Save up to $2,000 on hearing aids with a valid membership.**
Save 15% on everyday listening products
5 years of free batteries with hearing aid purchase



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*Hearing evaluations/tests are free for all customers over the age of 50. Some conditions and exclusions may apply. See clinic for details. †Based on national physician referrals over the tenure of the corporation’s Canadian business operations compared to the disclosed referral count of leading competitors.