Why sleep with earplugs?

People who suffer from insomnia have difficulties falling asleep for various reasons. One of the many – and perhaps most frequent – reasons is outside noise. When suffering from insomnia you can use special earplugs to fall asleep. Many different types of plugs are available in stores – from simple foam earplugs to custom-molded earplugs with personalized filters.

Is it bad for you to sleep with earplugs?

Earplugs don’t damage your hearing. You can use them every night provided you pay attention to hygiene—your hands should be washed and dried before inserting to prevent risk of outer ear infection. You should make sure that no earwax accumulates and that you don't suffer from an ear infection. It is important to clean your earplugs daily to prevent possible infections. To improve comfort it is furthermore recommended to opt for custom-molded earplugs with filters.

Custom-molded earplugs by Connect Hearing

If you have problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night and often wake up, Connect Hearing provides you with custom-molded earplugs that are perfectly suited for you by taking an impression of your ears.

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