With the release of a new hearing aid comes plenty of features and advancements. But you might be thinking: Can it really make a difference in my hearing experience? To understand how Lumity performs in the day-to-day lives of those with hearing loss, we asked two Connect Hearing employees in Ontario to spend a month with Lumity as their new hearing aids. 

Kay works as a Customer Care Representative in the Brantford clinic, and James works as an audiologist at the North York Sheppard clinic. Both of them have been diagnosed with a degree of hearing loss - James as an infant, and Kay as an adult.

With plenty of experience with hearing aids in their personal and professional lives, James and Kay were eager to test out this new technology and see for themselves what kind of impact it had on their daily activities and interactions.


What is Lumity?

As the newest technology from Phonak, Audeo Lumity features an updated operating system and Phonak’s unique SmartSpeech™ Technology that lets you clearly take in words better than before. It’s designed to help improve the quality of conversations in many challenging listening situations, and automatically adjust its settings to give the best possible hearing.

Did Lumity deliver on these features for Kay and James? Let’s find out!
What was your initial impression of Lumity?

The first few days with Lumity were positive for both Kay and James. Within the first day of use, Kay noticed with streaming, conversations, and noisy surroundings how much clearer the conversation was - even music sounded richer. James was immediately impressed with the new charger: “It’s so much easier to use and is so user-friendly.” Since he was testing out the waterproof model, Lumity Life, he no longer had to worry about getting his hearing aids wet during his regular sports and activities.

What benefits have you noticed after a month with Lumity?

The best hearing aids are the ones that you don’t even remember you have on.
James and Kay both agreed that wearing Lumity meant that they could simply just hear without even having to think about it. They noticed subtle sounds without effort, were able to participate in social situations without concentrating as hard, and could hear life as it was meant to be heard.

As Kay puts it, “I find they are so natural sounding it seems like I hear everything without being aware I have them on.”

James shared that with Lumity, “it’s the small sounds you didn't notice before and the realization that I’m not concentrating so hard to hear. Those benefits happen so easily that you almost don’t notice that you aren’t focusing so much in a noisy room. You’re just hearing.”

Where and when have you noticed Lumity makes a difference in your life?

Both James and Kay found that they didn’t have to concentrate to hear as much as before. They could just listen and enjoy the moment, wherever they were.

In particular, Kay remembered being at a baby shower with lots of tables and simultaneous conversations. With Lumity, she was able to follow the conversation at her table while also hearing anything directed to the crowd from other areas.

Overall, she felt comfortable speaking with and hearing the people around her at events with lots of background noise and music being played, even ending up less tired at the end of the day.

James noticed an improvement in his quality of hearing both in a loud stadium watching a baseball game, and also while having a quiet night at home, aware of the softer sounds.   

How does Lumity compare to other hearing aids?

James shared that Lumity has been easier to use than any previous hearing aid - and he’s tried close to 10 different sets in his life! “The charger is so easy to use, and the sound quality is even better than previous hearing aids.” He adds that the waterproofing feature “takes the stress and anxiety out of [his] life because [he doesn’t] have to worry about getting them wet.”

Kay noted a “measurable difference in sound quality in noisy environments or situations with multiple sounds,” such as when you’re in a car with both music playing and a passenger speaking.

Who would you recommend Lumity to?

James says that Lumity is ideal for someone who wants an easy-to-use technology. “It’s low-stress and doesn’t involve a lot of learning. It’s great for active individuals or someone who wants the best new technology, because it has so much to offer.”

Kay would recommend it to “anyone who enjoys social engagements and listening to music - particularly live music!” She adds that it’s great for anyone who struggles to follow conversations and feels they miss out on what’s being said.

Would you give your Lumity hearing aids back?

It was a resounding “absolutely not” from both James and Kay to this question, meaning that their experience with Lumity was a success! They’ll be keeping their Lumity hearing aids to continue experiencing these positive changes in their hearing.

Interested in trying Lumity for yourself?

If you’re experiencing a change in hearing, or want to upgrade to the newest technology, get in touch with us today to explore the option that’s right for you.  

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