Problem: Your hearing aid stops working

If you are unable to get your hearing aid to work or produce sound, follow these steps:
  • Check to see if the hearing aid is turned on. This may seem obvious but if you are still adjusting to wearing and operating your hearing aids, it’s an easy place to start.
  • Next check the battery. You might simply need to change to a new battery or reinsert the current one properly. If you need new batteries, please call us at 1.800.563.4327
  • Once you have confirmed that the hearing aid is turned on and the battery is working properly, check for and remove any wax or moisture buildup on the tubing or ear mold of your hearing device. To avoid excessive buildup of earwax or moisture on your hearing aid, make sure you are properly cleaning your device daily. You can see some tips on cleaning here.

Problem: The sound from your hearing aid is weak or distorted

Sometimes, hearing aid users will encounter sound issues with their device. If the sound from your hearing aid is extremely weak or coming across unclear, try these solutions:
  • Check the program and volume setting on your hearing aid. It is possible your device was accidentally switched to the wrong setting which could cause the lack of sound.
  • Check your hearing aid for debris or wax buildup. Depending on the type of hearing aid you wear, different parts of your hearing device could be clogged by earwax or a collection of dirt, causing the sound from your hearing aid to distort. Check the working parts of your device, such as the dome, wax guard, or tubing for any buildup and follow the proper cleaning instructions as needed.

Problem: Your hearing aid starts whistling

If your hearing aid starts producing a whistling, or buzzing sound, it means you are experiencing “feedback”. There are several causes and solutions to try if your hearing aid is producing feedback:
  • Often, feedback from your hearing aid is the outcome of incorrectly shaped ear pieces such as the earmold. Try taking out the mold and re-inserting it in your ear.
  • Once your device is properly fitted, the whistling noise should stop.
  • Check out this post for more in-depth solutions to whistling hearing aids

When to get help

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting steps and your hearing aids are still not working, reach out to your Connect Hearing clinic or contact us at 1.800.563.4327 for more support. As your hearing health experts, we are here to ensure you are receiving the best hearing experience possible. Our team can provide you with over-the-phone support to address the issues you are experiencing with your device. In some cases, your hearing aids may need to be sent in for adjustments or repairs.