Experience the sound of Paradise

With all new hardware, Phonak Paradise provides its users with clear, natural sound, universal connectivity and all around ease-of-use. Keep reading to learn more about this unriveled hearing experience.

Improved Listening Experience

Phonak Paradise offers many first-class features. One of the key improvements Paradise focuses on in creating the most natural, clear, and comprehensive hearing experience for its user. With Paradise, you’ll experience Paradise hits on all the elements of speech that make up the hearing experience. It starts with crisp, natural sound. With Motion Sensor hearing technology, Paradise hearing aids can detect whether you are standing still or moving, and will adjust the microphones accordingly to pick up sound from every angle. Other improvements include:
  • Longer rechargeable battery life
  • Faster sound processing using artificial-intelligence based technology
Phonak Paradise also comes in an option for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss, the Paradise Naida. This power hearing aid provides its wearers with next-level, powerful sound, and industry-leading connectivity. 

Universal Connectivity

Today, the average household has 11 connected devices. In today’s connected world, your hearing aids need to do more than just amplify sound. They need to compliment and enhance the other technology devices that make up you everyday life.  Phonak Paradise makes using your hearing aids with your other everyday technology easier and more seamless than ever before. With Paradise, you can pair up to 8 devices and can have 2 devices connected at once. For example, if you are streaming sound from your tablet to your hearing aids and then receive a phone call, with Paradise hearing aids, there’s no need to disconnect from your tablet first in order to stream the phone call through to your hearing aids. 

With the new Phonak 4.0 App, Paradise hearing aids provide increased personalization and virtual care options. These new features allow you to connect with your hearing care professional from the comfort and safety of your own home for easier adjustments and more effective support. 

Meet Phonak Paradise today!

To learn more about Phonak Paradise, book an appointment at your local Connect Hearing clinic and your Hearing Care Professional will be happy to give you a first-hand look at this ground-breaking technology!