Connect Hearing’s exclusive AudioNova hearing aids keep you at the heart of every conversation, even in the most challenging listening situations. From our Primary level technology for improved everyday listening to our Select level technology with a variety of cutting-edge features, AudioNova hearing aids are built to provide the best possible listening experience at prices that fit your budget.

AudioNova DX Hearing Aids

Audionova DX hearing aids are sleek, comfortable and built for ease of use. They come in both battery powered and rechargeable models to suit your lifestyle. Plus, your AudioNova hearing aids come with Bluetooth® connectivity so you can enjoy a hands-free listening experience for phone calls, video calls, streaming media, and even listening to music. You can also connect your AudioNova DX hearing aids to the Hearing Remote app on your smartphone for easy adjustments; it’s like a remote control for your hear aids!

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Be at the heart of the conversation

There are more elements to understanding a conversation than just hearing sounds. Speech is filled with subtle nuances of intonation and emotion that make every conversation unique. That’s why it’s so important your hearing aid is able to get as personal as you are.

For example, think about writing an email or texting someone. We use punctuation marks and emoticons to help convey the meaning and emotion of our words in these instances. Now imagine texting without these tools. Would you feel like you could truly understand what the other person was trying to tell you? This is a problem that many hearing aid users have run in to in the past. Audionova is here to fill that gap. With its advanced technology, AudioNova hearing aids work to get you to the deeper meaning of speech, picking up on those subtle nuances that give each conversation its own context. With AudioNova, your conversations will be brought to life.

All around sound: Hearing in challenging environments

With Audionova, you’ll be able to hear in even the most challenging environments. Audionova uses an integrated technology system called Soundscape to provide its user with an all around hearing experience. Soundscape addresses challenging listening situations such as:

Quiet conversations

  • Soundscape’s Soft Speech Intensifier component identifies when you’re in a quiet environment and works to bring out the subtle nuances of the softest of sounds.
  • Even if the conversation is mostly loud, if at some points the speech volume drops below 55db, Soft Speech Intensifier will engage to pick up every moment of the conversation.
Conversations in background noise
  • The Speech Target Pro component was designed to help AudioNova users understand in noisy environments as well
  • This technology accurately determines where the speech is located using localization cues and distinguishes between speech and noise to filter out background noise.

Stay connected with AudioNova today!

Audionova DX hearing aids are designed to help you stay connected in every listening environment you can find. With Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery and smart accessories options, AudioNova hearing aids leave no aspect of the listening experience unturned.

We are proud to be the exclusive carrier of AudioNova and look forward to helping you find your perfect hearing solution! To learn more about how AudioNova hearing aids can work for you, and to get an exclusive first look, book an appointment to speak with one of our hearing care professionals today!