Hearing loss has a direct affect on your quality of life and almost all of your daily activities are affected in some fashion, and the longer you wait the worse your quality of life can get. On the contrary, doing something about your hearing loss can have a positive affect on your quality of life. Here are some ways hearing aids can quickly improve your quality of life if you suffer from hearing loss.

Improve interpersonal relationships

According to a Better Hearing Institute study of hearing aid wearers versus non-hearing aid wearers with hearing loss, hearing aid wearers experience significantly greater interpersonal warmth in their relationships than people who don’t wear hearing aids and suffer from hearing loss. Hearing aid wearers and their families also experience less negativity in family relationships, and an increase in positive communications both at home and in the workplace after they are fitted with hearing aids.

Increase activity levels

Activity levels are shown to increase if you’ve been fitted with hearing aids. You’re more likely to engage in activities involving other people and participate in organized social activities when you have a hearing solution. This is largely due to your confidence in a social setting because you can hear properly.

Positive social effects

Outside of being more active and having more connected relationships, combatting your hearing loss has positive everyday social effects. People who combat their hearing loss with hearing aids find they have better conversations and connections with others.

Your hearing loss can also be frustrating for the person you’re conversing with because they may have to repeat themselves or disrupt the natural flow of their conversation with you.

Positive emotional effects

Positive emotional effects are attributed to being able to hear better in conversations and feel more involved in social gatherings, as a result their self esteem and confidence is also higher.
Overall, tackling your hearing loss can greatly increase your quality of life. Being fitted with hearing aids can also benefit those around you. In addition to better interpersonal relationships, increased activity levels, positive social effect and emotional effects, the Better Hearing Institute study indicated 12 other areas of quality of life and respondents of the study all found that their quality of life improved across nearly all areas.

There are direct signs that, if you have hearing loss, being fitted with hearing aids can change your quality of life. So what are you waiting for? If you are experiencing hearing loss, get your hearing tested at a Connect Hearing clinic near you.