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Unlike your eye, your ear cannot shut itself to protect against damaging stimuli. That is why it is important to understand what can damage your hearing and how you can protect it. Protect your hearing in any of life's noisy situations with AudioNova earplugs

Don't mute the world: About Audionova

Audionova is designed around advanced filter technology. These filters let you limit and even remove sound which may be damaging to your ears – without sacrificing things like conversation and situational awareness.
Audionova earplugs don’t block sound, instead they refine sound through attenuation – a method for limiting and filtering sound. While standard resistive filters only attenuate high frequencies, mesh and membrane filters attenuate both high and low frequencies. This gives you a natural experience while being protected.

AudioNova - hearing protection for any activity

Different situations require different solutions. That’s why AudioNova has developed filters for different applications, and it is also why we offer custom as well as all-purpose earplugs in standard sizes for your protection.
Whether you’re listening to music all day at an outdoor festival, or attending a motor rally, AudioNova has advanced custom earplugs designed to fit the sound you will encounter.

AudioNova Hearing Protection Models

AudioNova Hearing Protection comes in different activity-specific models to give you the best hearing experience possible all while protecting your ears from harmful or distracting noise. These custom earplugs come in the following activity-based models:
  • SleepTight
  • InFlight
  • Focus
  • Music
  • Active
  • Swim
  • Drive
  • Hunting

Audionova Resusable Earplugs - Shop Now!

AudioNova universal fit earplugs come in 4 different activity-specific options including AudioNova Swim, Music, Active and SleepTight. With a reusable filter design, they are environmentally friendly and keep your ears protected in all of life’s noisy situations. Find them on our online store!

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