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It’s no secret that the average person waits up to a decade before they decide to do something about their hearing loss and the stigma surrounding hearing aids is one of the leading factors. Many people suffering from hearing loss feel they don’t need hearing help, they convince themselves their hearing isn't that bad, they think hearing aids are ugly plastic looking things, or perhaps they feel embarrassed and self-conscious about needing help. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s OK to need hearing aids, and here’s why.

Personal benefits

On a personal level, hearing aids have been proven to benefit the everyday lives of people with hearing loss. They allow you to gain back personal connections you may have lost due to hearing loss and they make conversations easier whether it’s in a quiet environment or a busy restaurant or pub.

Hearing aids have also been shown to improve the confidence in those who have hearing loss. In a Better Hearing Institute study, five groups of people were surveyed based on the level of their hearing loss and all five said they would feel embarrassed or self-conscious if they wore hearing aids. The study also determined hearing aid stigma increased as the severity of the respondent’s hearing loss increased. Meanwhile, a group hearing aid wearers were also interviewed and all reported substantially lower negative feelings toward wearing hearing aids. Every respondent in the group said they no longer felt embarrassed or self-conscious about their hearing. In fact, they felt more confident and comfortable in public areas and social settings.


Technological advances

Today’s hearing aids aren’t what they used to be; they’re sleek, technologically advanced, Bluetooth-enabled, and some are nearly invisible.

Exhibit A:
Today’s hearing aids have Bluetooth capabilities, allow you to seamlessly listen to your TV through your hearing aids and automatically adjust when there’s background noise; they can even work as a wireless headset for your smartphone or iPad. Many clients who self admittedly aren’t tech-savvy find the latest new technology simple to use as well.

With the personal benefits and technological advances, hearing aids have come along way. Today, many people are proud of their hearing aids and the benefits they've given them, so there no need to hide the fact you have hearing loss. Get your hearing tested today, it may prove to be a great decision and help you get back aspects of your life you've lost and miss due to hearing loss.

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