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Unitron Max

BTE family equipped with the impressive aesthetics, comfortable fit and intuitive controls

  • SoundCore
  • SpeechPro
  • Spatial Awareness - know where sound is coming from
  • SoundNav automated envirnoments
Unitron Max is a super-power hearing aid portfolio for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. Max hearing aids give you the power & performance you are looking for right from your first fitting.

With this solution’s advanced features which optimize speech perception and environmental awareness, you can feel confident Max will make your life easier. Built on the Tempus platform, three models are available, including a rechargeable* option:
Hear better in conversations
Built on Unitron’s high performance Tempus™ platform, which is optimized for super power individuals, you can actively participate in conversations wherever you go. With intelligent SoundCore™ technology, the four features work together to automatically understand listening environments & make seamless adjustments.

Rechargeable freedom that lasts
The Max SP R* is the first super power behind the ear rechargeable option. This hearing instrument provides you with the freedom to stay in the conversation all day with an overnight charge. You also have the flexibility to swap in traditional batteries at any time, providing you with a back-up plan so you are never without power.

uControl™ App**
Download the uControl™ app (available for Android and Apple) to your smartphone and rate your hearing experience while you are on the go. While wearing the Max hearing aids, you can use the app to instantly share how you feel about your hearing aids with you Hearing Care Professional. No need to wait until your next appointment to share how you feel.