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We are often asked about ear candling as a way to clean ears. Does it work, and do you really even need to clean your ears? We do recommend that anyone who is concerned about their hearing or feels they may need wax removed from their ears consult a Hearing Care Professional for a thorough assessment before doing anything to their ears.

Ear candling is a procedure that has a long history as a remedy for a variety of ailments including ear cleaning. We don’t recommend this procedure for a variety of reasons. First, ears are delicate and generally self-cleaning so earwax isn’t usually a problem that requires cleaning “procedures."  In fact, we don’t even want people putting cotton swabs in their ears!

Ear candling isn’t effective either.  We have seen people post-ear candling who were shocked to learn that their ears were still full of wax.  They are surprised because the practitioner performing the ear candling showed them a chunk of goo and told them it was earwax when it was probably more candle wax than anything else.  
If you are considering ear candling, it is important to be aware that there is no way for the ear candling practitioner to verify their claim that the residue they show you is in fact earwax.  When you come see us at a Connect Hearing clinic, we are able to view the ear canal with a special magnified light called an otoscope to confirm whether or not you have a wax buildup.  It is also important to know that the sensation that your ears are blocked with wax is often an early sign of untreated hearing difficulty.  A thorough hearing assessment is the best place to start.  Finally, it is extremely important that the public be aware that ear candling can place them at an increased risk for injury. Per Health Canada, the following are some of the injuries that have been reported during/after ear candling:
  • serious burns
  • injuries caused by hot wax dripping into ears, or onto skin or hair
  • candle wax blocking the ear canal
  • punctured ear drum
  • temporary loss of hearing
Because of these risks and lack of benefit, the Government of Canada has made it illegal to import or sell ear candles for medical reasons.

At your local Connect Hearing clinic, we can tell you if your ears require wax removal and, if wax removal is needed, we will recommend safe alternatives to ear candling.  To have your ears checked, find the clinic nearest you and schedule an appointment at your local Connect Hearing centre today!

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